The Story of Tools by Hole & Corner

The devices humans have used in order to function over the century tell a pretty epic story – the history of humanity itself, no less. Which is why The Story of Tools by Hole & Corner, written by Robb Report contributor Mark Hooper, with main photography by Lol Keegan, is a truly compelling read.

A celebration of human endeavour at its most skilled, the book is divided into three chapters – Wood and Stone; Earth, Metal and Glass; and Material, Cloth and Decoration. The story of 25 implements in all – from axes to drills via chisels and shaping tools – is told from the standpoint of the men and women whose livelihood depend on them, from blacksmiths and spoon makers to sculptors, silversmiths, gardeners, upholsterers and architects.

“The book seeks to explore our relationship with these most fundamental of objects – those that allow us to realise our potential as makers, problem solvers and doers,” explains Hooper. “The use of tools is one of the earliest defining moments in the history of humankind. In fact, it is arguably the very thing that makes us human.”

A must-read for anyone who is interested in artisanal endeavour.

£20 Published by Pavilion. you can order The Story of Tools from holeandcorner.com

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