Turnbull & Asser and Graff Throw Their Weight Behind Coronavirus Relief Efforts

Thousands of much-needed garments will be made in the outfitter’s Gloucestershire workrooms.

Andrew Barnham

Two more major luxury organisations have announced intentions to do their bit for alleviating the biggest crises humanity has faced since World War II.

Starting at home, never has our National Health Service been held – and rightly so – in such high esteem. The unparalleled dedication of the nation’s carers, often carrying out tireless work at great risk to their own safety and wellbeing, has seen Britons take to our doorsteps, windows and gardens to applaud their work in unison each Thursday evening.

One of the many harsh realities behind the heroism right now is the demand for requisite equipment and medical attire far outstripping supply. Which is why Jermyn Street outfitter Turnbull & Asser – a brand that has endured some of history’s most testing times, and whose commitment to quality and integrity made it HRH The Prince of Wales’s choice of establishment for his very first Royal Warrant – is now producing thousands of much-needed garments for the NHS at its Gloucestershire factory.

A Turnbul & Asser machinist 

Turnbull & Asser have already begun work on an initial batch of 4,000 scrubs, and are working on several other initiatives in support of the NHS, key workers, and those who are most vulnerable during this exceptionally challenging time in modern history.

The Prince of Wales signs Turnbull & Asser’s Gloucestershire factory in 2013 

Meanwhile, Graff has just announced its decision to donate US$1 million to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund in support of the World Health Organization, which is spearheading global efforts to detect and respond to the pandemic. The donation will enhance critical work tracking and understanding the spread of the virus; mobilising resources; ensuring patients are given the correct care and frontline workers have access to essential supplies and information; and accelerating the development of vaccines, tests and treatments.

We salute both moves zealously.

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