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The Leo Trippi CEO on scaling the heights of Alpine luxury.

Named after the great-grandfather of one of its co-founders, Leo Trippi has, for just over a decade, been renting exclusive-use properties around the world but is particularly renowned for luxury chalet rentals in the Alps such as Chalet Ormello, Courchevel, seen above. The company has been voted the World’s Best Ski Travel Agent for five consecutive years). So what are they doing right?

What do emerging luxury consumers want from ski lodgings?
There are certainly noticeable differences in the way Gen-Y guests approach trips – less so in the activities they would like to experience and where they would like to stay, but more so with how they would like to book and plan their trip.

Millennials are used to moving at a fast pace and although many do value the personal, high-touch sales model that Leo Trippi operates, a large proportion want this to be intertwined with technology – allowing them to have twice as much information at their fingertips in a far quicker time, which is the ultimate blend of human and technological interaction. Leo Trippi is working towards this model. We’re currently exploring new systems to aid in the first steps of booking a holiday, without removing the immense value of having interaction with an expert. It’s a challenging balance to get right – however, it’s something we’re confident we’ll achieve.

How about with regards to the experience itself?
Ultimately all of our clients look for quality, excellent service and the right fit for their needs. These desires don’t change across generations. Millennials require flexibility and customisation in terms of the services offered and are interested in full immersion in the local areas. They are keen buyers of activities and experiences, although so are Gen-X and the ‘Baby Boomers’ – all of whom are becoming even more adventurous.

Do you find consumer demands are different in different parts of the world – if so, how?
Consumers from different global locations do have their differences – but those differences are not as extreme as one might expect. Differing service expectations and cultural nuances are always taken into account: for us, however, the largest variances are the way in which clients approach conversations, discussions and negotiations prior and during their trips.

Tell us about the supercar experience?
We wanted to develop a limited-edition experience for our clients to enjoy during the summer months and as many are keen car enthusiasts, it was a natural fit. The Leo Trippi team know the mountain roads in Switzerland extremely well and our strong relationships with local hotels, chalets and Michelin-Star restaurants allowed us to deliver a five-star product. The supercar driving experience is completely bespoke and created individually for each client – down to selecting their car of choice, route, accommodation and the pace at which they travel. At the end of their trip we want clients to say: “Let’s start working on next year’s route!

Leo Trippi’s Alpine supercar experience 

What’s your personal definition of luxury?

Experiences or material possessions?
Definitely experiences.

What’s next for Leo Trippi?
Over the past few years we’ve encountered a surge of enquiries for luxury villas as well as chalets. To cater for the demand, we’re currently expanding our portfolio with the opening of a new office in Ibiza and the launch of a new summer villa collection under our specialist villa brand, Villa Guru. All of the luxury villa rentals will include a full concierge service similar to that of Leo Trippi, from securing the perfect table at a leading beach-side restaurant to chartering a yacht to cruise around the island.

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