Robb Recommends: Explora’s Luxury Lodges By Private Jet Trips

The perfect jaunts for our times?

In what has been described as a first for Latin American travel companies, Explora are launching a full lodge buyout programme, with the added option to fly by chartered private jet. With safety at a premium when planning trips these days, Exploras wilderness vacation lodges are perfect for those who want to escape from it all, being located in the most breathtakingly beautiful, remote destinations in South America. And Exploras buyout programme is offering lodges in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru, El Chaltén in Argentina, Chile’s Torres del Paine or Atacama desert and Easter Island.

Included in the buyout (which costs a cool $20,000 – or just over £15,000 – per day) are transfers to and from the airport, meals, drinks and a selection of explorations especially tailored by Explora as well as exclusive access to all of the lodges facilities. Meanwhile, the private jet service, available for groups of up to 15 people, will reassure those who wish to remain isolated from possible infections. Models include Citation Sovereign and Bombardier Global Express, and larger planes are also available on request.

Explora Patagonia  Eliseo Miciu

Routes that will be available on-demand include Sao Paulo to Easter Island, Atacama Desert and Patagonia via Santiago; Patagonia via Buenos Aires or Santiago; or direct flights into Cuzco from Peru. Lodge-wise, explora El Chalten in Argentina is set to open in January 2021, with Uyuni, Bolivia lodges to follow later in April. Explora was created after its president and founder Pedro Ibáñez decided he, initially, wanted to make Chile better known to the world. Some impulses can never be cured,” he says, referring to the itch to cover as much ground as possible.

Having travelled throughout Chile and the surrounding region throughout the 1970s and 80s, he created Explora to be a travel company with a difference, based on in-depth remote South American surroundings, up-close interaction with local culture and nature and sustainable development. He had two aims for the company: firstly, it had to do justice to what already existed and not follow the path of traditional tourism and, secondly, he wanted tourists to experience Chile the way the locals did: “Combining interaction with nature and local cultures with relatively demanding physical activity, which is necessary if you want to see the best of what the country has to offer.”

Easter Island 

That still stands: these trips are not for couch potatoes. “We believe remote areas arent just far away – they’re a chance to withdraw and detach from everyday life, observing our existence from afar. The distance seems to reorganise the different aspects of our life, putting them into perspective, widening our horizons and filling us with fresh, new ideas.”

Private jet charter rates start at $180,000 (around £137,000) for a roundtrip for up to nine travellers from Miami, with internal connections to Explora. Express immigration service is available for private jet travellers arriving in Chile, Peru and Argentina. For more information contact Explora toll free at 1(800) 838-9120, email, or visit the website at