Rare whisky auction prices went nuclear in 2018

Last year UK enthusiasts shelled out an unprecedented amount of money for rare single malt whisky at auction, according to a new report. The analysis, published recently by industry analyst Rare Whisky 101, says that in 2018, for the first time ever the UK’s elite elixir auction market sold more than 100,000 bottles of whisky, raking […]

Five Wintry Cocktails from the Mixology Mavens at Tomatin Distillery

Alcohol has been with us since some serendipitous Neolithic first noticed the mind-bending affects of fermented berries. No wonder it’s ingrained in our culture. But for many, the annual ritual of a booze-free month is essential in order to recalibrate one’s relationship with alcohol. Has your Dry January been worth it? Ponder the question over […]

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