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Review: Greyhound Café, London

Let’s be honest: London’s Thai food scene took a nosedive when pub-goers started regularly ordering pad Thai, instead of pie, with their pints. What started off as a well-executed ruse at The Churchill Arms near Kensington Palace soon degenerated into an insult to a distant nation’s fine culinary tradition, once any hipster who’d spent a […]

Robb Reader: Farzi Café Owner Zorawar Kalra

What kind of minor details turn a great restaurant into an exceptional, award-winning one? I think it’s all about the details. If you take care of the details, including the minutest ones, everything else falls into place. Having a good team that is as passionate and enthusiastic about the brands and restaurants as you are. […]

Home Pride: Native, Borough Market

Once the elegantly blemished parquet floors and exposed whitewash brickwork have been taken in, first time visitors to Native – which has re-opened, with the help of some kickstarter funding, in a generous-sized space near Borough Market– may find their eyes drawn to the spindly silver birch trees propped up against the industrial looking iron […]

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