Design For Life Part IV: Design Q CEO Howard Guy

London-based boutique firm Design Q can count an interior design concept for Comlux America, set for next-gen Airbus and Boeing business jets, and a Safari Plane – a concept craft with a marble-floored entryway, large lounge, private bedrooms, barbecue station and office space – amongst its recent, pioneering creative feats. Much of the company’s work, […]

The World’s Seven Smallest Business Jets

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to business jets – not if you don’t need the cabin space or range of a larger aircraft and you want to save money on the purchase price and operating costs. Indeed, the future may well belong to the diminutive of wingspan and fuselage. Compact Cruiser The Flaris LAR […]

Aura To Offer a Private-Jet Experience at Business-Class Prices

The concept behind Aura isn’t completely novel. It’s a Florida-based aviation company that will operate as a semiprivate boutique airline. It will offer flights priced at about business-class rates on a limited number of set routes aboard aircraft that depart and arrive at private terminals or private hangars, enabling passengers to avoid check-in and security lines. It […]

The King of Rock ’n’ Roll’s Custom Jet Is for Sale . . . Some Repairs Needed

While visiting the museums and mansion at Graceland—Elvis Presley’s former-home-turned-tourist-attraction in Memphis, Tenn.—fans of the King of Rock ’n’ Roll can see two of Elvis’s former private jets: a Convair 880 called Hound Dog II and a Lockheed Jetstar called Lisa Marie, named for his daughter. Despite the estate selling the pair to a private buyer in 2015, […]

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