Robb Recommends: The New Breitling Endurance Pro

And the challenge that comes with it - if you’re up to it.

Breitling’s connections with aviation – which recently reached dizzy new heights with the Avenger Red Arrows watch, a collaboration with the world’s most famous aerobatic display team – is one of the first things with which it is immediately associated. But what of its sports credentials? After all, in cycling, Breitling has partnered with competitions including the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France, as well as individual legends like Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, and has also sponsored various motorsport rallies.

Given this, and the fact that athleisure timepieces have been growing in popularity this year, it’s no surprise the brand has taken a bold stop into that genre: enter, stage left, the new Endurance Pro (£2,450), a lightweight piece for serious athletes who want to wear it in action and a casual, everyday sports chronograph for those who don’t.

The vibrant design is plain to see in the images here, while less obvious are the precision offered by the innovative technology packed within its 44mm case – namely, the a thermo- compensated SuperQuartzTM movement, which is ten times more accurate than conventional quartz. The watch, which comes in five colour variations (with Diver Pro rubber straps in the same colour as the inner bezel ring), features a black dial and a black bidirectional rotating bezel with engraved cardinal compass points, distinguished by their own bold colours and equipped with an inner bezel with pulsometer scale, so that users can keep track of their heart rate during sports sessions.

“When Jan Frodeno first became a member of our Triathlon Squad, he asked me what Breitling he should wear,” explains Breitling CEO Georges Kern of the watch’s creative inception. “We started brainstorming about the perfect sporty lifestyle watch and that conversation led to the development of the Endurance Pro. With this watch, we adapted our Super- QuartzTM technology to the needs of people like Jan who play as hard as they work. And the Breitlight® case is so light that it won’t interfere with anyone’s training routine or sporting activity.”

And, there’s more to this release than just a new Breitling watch that is as collectible as it is desirable: The Breitling Endurance Pro Strava Challenge is going live today, and will attract participants from all over the world, all competing for prizes including a Breitling Colnago C64 bike, Breitling Endurance Pro watches and Breitling jersey kits.

Competitors will have to complete 500 minutes (roughly the time it takes a world-class triathlete to complete a full Iron-Man event) in an activity of their choosing, be that swimming, running, cycling, hiking or another sport. Winners will be selected at random from the pool of competitors who manage to complete the challenge.

Further proof, as if it were needed, that being an horophile in 2020 is increasingly about doing, as well as owning…