Into The Blue: David Beckham’s Free Dives Into Tudor’s History Books

Becks’s deep-water experience was a nod to the watch brand’s #BornToDare ethos

OK, so “diving” is usually a taboo word when it comes to footballers both past and present: but not in the case of Tudor’s latest campaign with David Beckham and French World Champion Free Diver Morgan Bourc’his.

In keeping with Rolex’s sister brand’s signature #BornToDare motif – which refers to the house founder Hans Wilsdorf’s mission to make watches that could withstand the most extreme of conditions – Tudor invited global brand ambassador Beckham to plunge several metres beneath his comfort zone with his first ever free dive experience in open water under the Bourc’his’ guidance.

The Tudor Pelagos, in black  olivier foulon

Throughout the whole adventure, Beckham and Bourc’his wore Tudor Pelagos diving watches – ‘Pelagos’ being a Greek word meaning “relating to, or living in the open sea”. In the video released by Beckham and TUDOR, the former is seen training on land in full diving gear and getting up to speed with breathing techniques before the pair cruise out to the open sea and experience free-diving.

Self-confessed selachophobe Beckham overcomes his fears and completes several descents with his new buddy. “These are the moments when you are born to dare,” he reflects when back on dry land. “It’s about putting yourself in situations where you face challenge, which I like. Most of the time these situations bring out the best in me.”