From Tokyo to Zurich, Six Independent Menswear Stores That Are Worth the Trip

These shops are some of the style destinations we admire the most.

Globalisation may have its downsides, but the last few years have marked a period of significant growth for independent menswear brands. Whether in New York or Gothenburg, boutique retailers are offering a more interesting and nuanced experience than many department stores or big-brand outlets.

“The larger a brand gets, the more impersonal it inevitably feels,” says The Armoury co-founder Mark Cho. “Men want to shop in a place where they feel a real connection to their environment, the product and the people selling it.”

These six stores are some of the style destinations we admire the most, not just for the way they champion small, high-quality brands but because they are run by passionate people. Check them out on your travels, or find them online wherever you happen to be.