Cordwainers in Conversation: An Insight into the Craft of Shoemaking

Simon Crompton asks the question, "What's the point of bespoke?".

As part of London Craft Week, Robb Report UK’s resident menswear buff Simon Crompton hosted an event at which the question “What’s the point of bespoke?” was raised with experts Sebastian Tarek, James Kearns, Dominic Casey, Felux Jouanneau and James Ducker. The film – which you can see here – was co-sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers and screened privately at the Carreducker shoemaking school  on Thursday 16 May. Discussions included insightful probes into the just how collaborative, creatively, the customer-shoemaker process is with bespoke shoemaking. 


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