The Answers With… Mackage’s Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan

How they master winter outerwear - and with so effortless a blending of form and function.

Montreal-based Mackage has climbed to the top of the tree amongst the outerwear cognoscenti, constantly gaining traction thanks to its bold and contemporary designs – or “bold and contemporary pieces that leverage architecturally structured designs that skew a little outside the norm, without seeming outlandish or over-the-top,” as our USA edition so eloquently put it.

How is outerwear styling changing as new generations become consumers of high-end goods?
Eran Elfassy: We always want to make sure that our garments are comfortable so that layering can be done. We also have adapted to various market needs – we don’t all have Montreal winters!

Elisa Dahan: Exactly, the shift in streetwear culture has definitely affected our approach to layering overall.

What kind of details distinguish the best possible quality outerwear available from “high street” equivalents?
EE:  We’re constantly thinking of ways to blend performance and fashion. We put a lot of thought behind very specific details that not only elevate our products but also create functionality.

ED: Yes, given that we are winter experts, we’ve tried and tested a number of different elements. For example, we have a lot of bibs on our coats so that scarfs aren’t necessary, and we add in significantly more pockets to keep hands warm.

What particular styling/functional details are unique to Mackage?
EE: We have storm visors, warming pockets and the detailing on our leather is specific to us.

Many people think that style and performance are mutually exclusive – can you explain why this is incorrect?
ED: Put simply, we don’t think that we ever have to compromise fashion and functionality. Consumers have pushed us, for sure, but this has always been at the core of what we believe in.

What kind of aspects of outerwear are your R&D department constant trying to improve?
EE: We’re constantly testing our bonding fabrics and are on the hunt to find the lightest fabrics. We’re also always adapting our silhouettes and how we move in our coats.

ED: We’re also looking for ways to be more sustainable in our design process. It’s important to us to ensure that we are improving and mindful.

How does being Canadian influence the brand ethos/styling?
EE: As Canadians, our relationship to winter is quite close. We’ve always thought of ways to keep warm!  The fact is that many brands have looked to us for inspiration because of our careful approach to outerwear. As a result, it’s pushing us to up our ante and get more creative and maintain our leadership position.

What’s your personal definition of luxury, and is it shifting as the world undergoes a seismic shift thanks to the pandemic?
ED: We’ve always said that it’s hard to define in a word because it’s a feeling. We’re always looking to illicit a feeling that what you have is special and makes you feel luxurious. The pandemic has definitely forced us to become more innovative and has pushed our creativity but in the end, We’re aspiring to make our consumers feel good.

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