Robb Recommends: Luca Faloni’s Postcards From Italy Range

A one-stop shop for those wishing to inject some effortless, timeless summer elegance into their wardrobes.

Fashion and style are as divergent as infatuation and love. Not only is one ephemeral, the other timeless, but the former is also less profound, less cultivated, than the latter.

This is why sartorially savvy gents entering Luca Faloni’s stores in Marylebone and St. James’s will find garments which transcend the fleeting whimsy of seasonal trends, and instead furnish a man’s wardrobe with panache – not to mention versatility – that has no expiry date. Inextricably tied into this is another core philosophy of the Turin-born, London-based Faloni, who founded his eponymous company in 2014: “Buy better, buy less”. It’s a brand that militates against the banality – and indeed, the morally untenable lack of sustainability – of fast fashion.

The importance of textile quality is an article of faith for the eponymous Mr Faloni 

As brand aficionados will already be aware, laid-back Italian elegance is at the heart of Faloni’s aesthetic: and this ethos hits new summits with this summer’s Postcards From Italy range, which zooms in not only on Faloni’s native country but, specifically, the breezy stylistic elegance associated with that stretch of the Italian Riviera between Camogli and Cinque Terre.

Naturally, linen – a fabric whose softness breathability makes it an ideal textile for when the mercury rises – plays a pivotal role in the collection. After all, Faloni – who sources the brand’s from family-run mills in Northern Italy – is a devotee to one of the oldest textile fibres ever to be utilised by humans. As he told Robb Report UK last year: “If linen is high quality, it has many features that are unique. It’s very strong compared to cotton, so the threads do not break basically and do not really stretch too much once you wear them, so it keeps its shape if you wear it and lasts a very long time.”

Versilia Linen Shirt in Light Pink 

Coming in a range of timeless colours (and in solid, melange and washed options), the collection is replete with finer details that complement the garments’ airy silhouettes with aplomb. Take, for example, the “Paramontura” collar on The Portofino, the brand’s signature linen shirt. Conceived and crafted by highly experienced artisans in Bergamo and Brescia, it never loses its shape, ensuring that the classic, understated look the collar affords the shirt is permanent. It’s indicative of the fact that timelessness, with Luca Faloni, is about construction as well as form.

The collection is about versatility as well as stylistic longevity, though, which is why an entirely new linen shirt has been introduced to the Luca Faloni product range: Ravello, which has a kaftan-style form but with a classic collar like the Portofino. Hiking up your wardrobe’s potential permutations even further are the Versilia linen shirts in pink and white, which feature a band polo collar for a more insouciant approach to dressing, or why not drop another formality gear with a Forte linen shirt, also featuring a band collar, whose buttons – mother-of-pearl, as is the case throughout the collection – open down to the chest.

Each Luca Faloni Is Replete With High-Quality Details – Mother Of Pearl Buttons Among Them 

Elsewhere, linen jersey t-shirts in cream and lightweight, breathable polos can be matched with the collection’s below-the-torso offerings such as the Lipari linen trousers with a contemporary tapered fit and premium whipcord cotton shorts and chinos with concealed triple button closure (again, the detail!).

Faloni is famously borderline-obsessive about fabric quality, not only because of the role it plays in drape and aesthetics, but also because of how pleasantly tactile it makes garments feel on the skin. And here, another variable comes into play: the crucial role played by finishers – the specialists who clean, stabilise and process fabric, enhancing its texture, handle and drape, and arguably the unsung heroes of the sartorial world. Finding new techniques is a core part of their raison d’être, and in the Postcards From Italy range, the aforementioned t-shirts and polos boast an irresistibly soft texture thanks to an innovative new Aloe finish.

Ravello Linen Shirt in White 

The whole collection, in fact, is yet another example of a clothing label happy to continually move things forward casually, thoughtfully, improving the product line in increments, without ever feeling the need to reinvent itself.


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