Brunello Cucinelli’s Newest Cashmere Capsule Is Downright Literary

The philosopher-designer's latest project, Neverending Stories, offers heirlooms you can wear.

If there are two design elements synonymous with Brunello Cucinelli, they are––in no particular order––muted, earthy colorways and plush cashmere knits. In a move sure to please the designer’s devoted clientele, he’s combined them in a dreamy new capsule collection that couldn’t be more right for winter.

Partially inspired by Cucinelli’s love for the ageless traditions of literature and philosophy, the capsule—dubbed Neverending Stories—aims to create wardrobe elements just as enduring. Cucinelli naturally chose to work in cashmere to achieve his aims, something he’s been closely associated with for years. And since we know these sweaters are made with the brand’s signature level of quality, like those books that inform Cucinelli’s work, they can be passed down.

Considering the year we’ve all had, it also seems like a smart business move to offer something cozy, easy and comfortable. There’s nothing quite like lounging in a cashmere sweater or donning one to make a day spent in your home office a bit more luxurious.

Brunello Cucinelli Never Ending Stories cashmere

Each piece is designed like an heirloom meant to be passed down. Brunello Cucinelli 

While these pieces tell the story of Cucinelli’s philosophical beliefs, they also say a great deal about the history of the designer’s eponymous brand. Cashmere sweaters aren’t just an integral part of its identity, they quite literally started the business when Cucinelli launched in 1978. He took the, at the time, novel approach of applying bright colors to cashmere sweaters––this was before he adopted his palette of ivory, taupe and heather––which proved so successful Cucinelli was able to start his brand in earnest.

Cashmere knits have been a staple ever since and enjoy a loyal following. But even the most beautifully made versions of the plush essential get worn down eventually. Cucinelli famously hates waste and established a repair shop for these well-loved pieces that’s been in operation since the ’80s. It looks like the newest additions to Cucinelli’s lineup are just as covetable as anything he’s turned out yet, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

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