Troubadour’s Stylish New Backpack Glows in the Dark

It's the most stylish way we've found for night-time commuters to stay safe.

As if you haden’t noticed, daylight is in shorter and shorter supply this time of year—which is nice for night owls, but not as great for people who spend long hours in the office and commute well after the sun has set.

Which is why we find Troubadour’s new Reflective Collection so appealing—and well-timed. The three bags in it have a diagonal application of highly reflective BryteWeave, a fabric that incorporates tiny glass beads. In normal light, it looks like a soft dove gray (a modern pairing for the waterproof black fabric that makes up most of the remainder of the bag), but when you shine a light on it, it looks like someone turned a few bright lights on all at once. It’s a handy thing to have on your back when a speeding motorist is approaching you from behind.

Troubadour reflective Slipstream backpack


But more than its practical benefits, the bags take Troubadour’s mission of making function feel stylish to a new level.

“These new rucksacks are shining examples of our design philosophy of refined performance,” said Troubadour’s co-founder Samuel Bail in a statement. Lots of our customers wear rucksacks to and from work—with this in mind, we created these new reflective bags to help protect them in low-light conditions. Using our new BryteWeave fabric in this new Reflective collection offers customers a great combination of performance, style and enhanced safety.”

Troubadour reflective Apex backpack


You’ll find the reflective straps on Troubadour’s Off PisteApex and Slipstream backpacks, which retail from £185 to £375. (Non-reflective versions in black, navy and gray are available for the same prices.) They’re available through Troubadour’s website. And because winter is coming—and with it, even longer stretches of darkness—you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to carry all your necessities around safely.

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