Robb Recommends: Brooski Cufflinks

And they’ve just become available in Harrods…

The cufflinks designed by interior designer Broosk Saib and handcrafted in London don’t simply have a functional sartorial purpose – each packs its own narrative (his favourite of his own 60-plus pairs are made from 2,300-year-old silver coins depicting Alexander the Great).

Fine gemstones, precious metals, rare substances such as meteorite feature as well as coins in a collection, available online and now stocked in Harrods too. Below is a selection of our favourites – but we seriously recommend taking a look during your requisite Christmas visit to the world’s most famous department store.

Lapis & Gold Cufflinks II, £2,580. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in human history 

Red Tourmaline & Gold Cufflinks, £2,472. Tourmaline stones are transparent, and are prized for their rarity and beauty 

Antique amber and 22ct gold Cufflinks with champagne diamond, £3,600 

Green Blue Sapphire & Gold Cufflinks, £3,168. The faceted natural green blue sapphires catch the light while Sapphires are the stone of wisdom and royalty 

Silver & Grey Roman Relief Intaglio Cufflinks, £960. The glass carving is done from the back of the piece of glass. Intaglio designs are carved entirely below the surface level of the stone, leaving a smooth face with no projections. 

Diamond & Gold Cufflinks II, £6,576. The dark grey faceted dirty diamonds also catch the light beautifully. 

Mughal Coin & Gold Cufflinks, £2,112. The Mughal coins, which come from an Islamic Indian region during the time of the six great leaders, are set in 24 ct gold, and finished with a hand applied roman hammering technique. 

Green Grey Sapphire & Gold Cufflinks, £3,912. Oval green and grey sapphires were worn historically for protection and good fortune as symbols of power and strength. 


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