In the check-in stands a boxer…

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the first ever Louis Vuitton trunk – which featured a flat top and bottom, so that it could be stacked – being placed onto a steamship set to ferry some well-heeled travellers across The Atlantic. The introduction was a marked improvement on the traditional hefty wood and leather trunks with iron bases, waterproofed with tree sap, which had hitherto done the job.

A glance at any airport carousel will demonstrate how much things have moved on over a century and a half, but a new product by Bugaboo – a brand better known for prams, strollers and pushchairs – has now nudged suitcase technology beyond the point where it’s still appropriate to call it “luggage”: a word deriving from a verb, lug, that means “to drag something heavy or bulky”. For the new Boxer Cabin Case Pure – available exclusively from the brand’s temporary Harrods pop-up, which can be found on the store’s second-floor luggage department – is designed to be pushed rather than pulled, and even when fully packed, feels weightless to the point where a handful of one-finger nudges will get you from car park to check-in.

Utilising the brand’s know-how when it comes to solving the problems parents with pushchairs face in ergonomically challenging environments, this addition to their luggage repertoire features interlocking cases that attach not only to each other but onto a shared chassis too, with easy-access switches and a foot-pedal, in tandem with retractable wheels and a separate organizer for electrical goods, combining to make travel effortlessly convenient.

It’s also notably hardy – the “Pure” part of the name refers to a trademarked material designed to handle withstand severe impact and freezing temperatures – as well as imperiously stylish, with its slightly storm-trooperish contours and matte finish created by the woven composite structure, whether you opt for graphite grey or deep white.


How very distant that era seems, when even having wheels attached to luggage was thought to undermine masculinity…

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