Handsome hide: Ettinger and London design studio Echlin’s new collection of zipped portfolios

The Prince of Wales is among those who relish London-based leather goods company Ettinger’s blend of timeless elegance and bold colours, a gentle paradox literally sewn together with superior craftsmanship. Whether HRH will plump for the brand’s new zipped portfolios remains to be seen, but every-day visitors to Ettinger’s Putney Bridge Road emporium will surely be seduced by two new products, inspired by the London-based architectural design and development studio, Echlin.

This collaboration was, like many a great creative venture, born of frustration. It started with Echlin’s team of interior designers and architects offering their thoughts on something missing from the market: a carrying case the right size and shape, and with the requisite stylistic credentials, for the modern urban professional to carry around everything he or she needs for business. Ettinger then drew on their observations to create the two zipped portfolios you see before you, which are the ultimate expression of that scissor-blade dichotomy, form and function.




While the emphasis here is on travelling light around the metropolis – even the larger size wallet weighs little more than 500 grams – a laptop, iPad, notebook, pens and presentation papers will all fit within, with some room to spare. Ettinger’s iconic bridle hide leather and burst of signature London Tan yellow inside make for eye-catching visual cues, meanwhile.

“The most important element when creating a new product is spending as much time as you can listening to customers,” explains the family business’s Chairman and CEO Robert Ettinger. “Through the process of designing these portfolios


we’ve spent a lot of time listening to the team at Echlin, who are experts in their field, with each individual having their own needs. We wanted to design holders that work for every modern business professional.”



Echlin Co-Founder Mark O’Callaghan, adds: “Having worked with Ettinger on a few small projects, we discussed with them our struggle to find something that catered to the varying needs of our entire team whilst also conveying our detail-oriented design ethos. As one of the last companies to make all their leather goods here in the UK, their commitment to British craftsmanship is outstanding and inspires our own focus on working with as many local makers as possible.”

The portfolios come in two sizes (£245 and £375) in all nine bridle hide colour options. The inside lining comes in Ettinger’s signature London tan-yellow, monogrammed jacquard, with one slip pocket on the inside.

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