Robb Recommends: New & Lingwood’s New Custom Dressing Gown Service

Consider your inner Noel Coward stirred…

There’s something elegantly decedent – Bertie Wooster-esque, no less – about thoughtfully chosen evening and nightwear. Sartorial diligence over garments that will never leave your place of domestic ensconcement, that only your nearest and dearest will ever witness you wearing, somehow feels like an edifying indulgence.

The new custom dressing gown service from Jermyn Street outfitters New & Lingwood not only caters for this extravagance, but invites customers to participate in the creative process too.

The service involves four key steps. Just as it would in any of the bespoke shirtmakers that grace this thoroughfare, or Savile Row a stone’s throw to the north-west, the process begins with customers selecting fabrics, in this case from an extensive range of the brand’s much celebrated – and markedly bold – designs, both and those from the archives.

The client also calls the shots when it comes to ideal fit, linings and finishing’s, providing a huge number of permutations in terms of finish product. To further the uniqueness of each piece, each dressing gown will carry its own unique identification number and card of authenticity.

“Some of our best creations have come from conversations with our customers, many of whom are some of the world’s most creative people,” explains Freddie Briance, CEO of New & Lingwood. “These customers have always seized the unconventional and enjoyed respectfully pushing boundaries. We developed this service with these customers in mind to offer a new way for them to express their personal style.

All New & Lingwood’s dressing gowns are hand-tailored in the UK.

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