Five Stylish Solutions For The Home Gym

Time to elevate those isolation workouts with some luxe home equipment.

Six Stylish Solutions For The Home Gym

The gym’s closed, the PT’s pixelated at end of a Zoom call (that drops out before the session’s over) and eyeing off large art books as dumbbells isn’t healthy.

Here, five stylish and functional pieces of kit that raise the bar.

Technogym: Kinesis Personal

The Kinesis Personal is something of an all-in-one miracle machine. It crams 200-plus exercises into one-square-metre of minimal and ‘oh-so-cool’ form. Designed by famed architect and designer Antonio Citterio, the machine allows you to push, pull, squat and twist through a system of resistance cables that can be set across an impressive 20 levels of difficulty.; £11,500

Pent Fitness: Lova Kettlebells

Love at first sight is the best way to describe this set. But then they also deliver, adding to any ‘functional’ training effort with kettlebells at the core. Boasting steel and wood designs (four grains to choose from) the set forms a rack weighing from 9 to 25 lbs (total weight being 88 lbs).; sets from approx. £4,500

Louis Vuitton: Skipping Rope

This Louis Vuitton number puts its emblematic spin (literally) on the home workout staple with a leather strand and handles covered in dark, masculine Monogram Eclipse canvas.; £450

NoHRD: Water Rower

A major flaw with the majority of home gym equipment is that they don’t look homely – commercial grade plastics and cold metals not cutting it in the design stakes. Enter NoHRD with its wooden water rowers (think Frank Underwood in House of Cards). Durable, foldable and able to provide a heightened resistance workout – pick which wood suits your interiors and go from there.; from £999

Ciclotte: Exercise Bike

The Italian designed Ciclotte exercise bike could be dismissed as an avant-garde piece of art. But this stunning and unique piece of design is also highly functional, the carbon fibre, glass and steel frame able to adapt to five spinning positions and Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices and an accompanying app that can have you riding with friends.; approx, £9,500



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