5 modern amenities that will transform luxury real estate in 2019

Tech, nature, name-brand wellness, and other trends sure to make a splash in 2019’s luxury market.

There were a number of fascinating trends in the luxury real estate market this year. We saw the rise of modern design, over-the-top marketing for multimillion-dollar homes, and even an abundance of green building. With 2019 right around the corner, buyers and renters alike are looking to the next best thing that will add value to their daily lives. From name-brand wellness to the advanced integration of technology, we’ve compiled a list of five amenity trends sure to make a mark in the luxury real estate space over the next 12 months.


1.Advanced Integration of Technology

As developers and builders continue to incorporate Alexa, Apple gadgets, and other products into high-end projects (and as they trickle down to more mid-range properties too), tech will likely be the single most important amenity in residents’ lives. Companies like hOM are helping properties plan fitness programming and other social events with benefits for both tenants and property managers. Their app lets tenants see everything going on in their building in terms of events and programming. Tenants can check listings and RSVP right on the app, creating an internal calendar just for them and the building. Meanwhile, the app Pyng will control everything from A/V to temperature in 685 First Avenue in New York City, while a partnership with the Hello Alfred platform at Jersey City’s 485 Marin will allow homeowners to coordinate cleanings, errands, and special requests from the app.

On the other side, managers and landlords can view the data collected from each use. “This way, they can make more informed decisions on what to offer to support renewing and signing more leases,” says Ryan Freed, Co-Founder of hOM. The technology has been used to build events and fitness programming in building common areas and raw spaces. Tenants will find more of their needs and wants supported by their own attendance decisions – all from one central piece of software. It seems that the future is already here.



2.Name-Brand Wellness


Ever since wellness in the luxury space took off in the 1980s with the advent of Canyon Ranch, the competition has become so fierce that developers are turning to familiar fitness and rejuvenation brands to help reel in new residents looking for high-level gym and spa amenities. For example, the Brooklyn Grove (which opens early 2019) is adding a Peloton bike to their fitness center in an effort to woo health-conscious clients who want a high-level spinning experience within their own building. “This is a very big component,” says Stephen Kliegerman, president of Halstead Property Development Marketing, who is overseeing sales and marketing for the building.

Other buildings are incorporating much more than just exercise bikes in their quest for wellness-oriented living. The forthcoming Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences in Palm Beach, Fla. was wholly inspired by the yogic philosophy of mindfulness—complete with heat reflexology floors, a spa and hammam for purification and detoxing, and mood-boosting aromatherapy. At other buildings, programming services like fitness, yoga, and nutrition planning will also help residents usher in a healthier new year.


3.Bathrooms with a View



As one of the most important rooms in a home, a good bathroom has always been a key selling point for any property. In 2019, that’ll be even more apparent as more and more bathrooms start to incorporate exceptional views. “We’re having fun offering floor-to-ceiling windows – bringing the light and natural elements in,” says Touzet Studio co-founding principal Jacqueline Gonzalez Touzet. The company’s recently completed Cat Cay home in the Bahamas is an example of the larger trend that will likely come to life in 2019. A grand standalone bathtub anchors a corner surrounded on two sides by expansive windows offering true relaxation as the water horizon expands in the distance. It’s an extension of the open floor plan that is now moving to more private areas of the home.


4.Integrated Co-Working Spaces



The classic residential lounge has been around forever, but what’s new for 2019 is the supreme integration of work and play in one space. Take the new Vica development in L.A.’s trendy Silver Lake neighbourhood as an example. The building lives up to the reputation of the uber-hip, in-demand neighborhood with a lounge built for meetings near a modern pool deck. A separate meditation garden lies just beyond as a highlight of the needs of the 2019 buyer: “Mixed-use” no longer means simply retail/residential, it’s expanding to every facet of a resident’s life.


5. Bringing the Outside In


“[Trends are moving] to have all rooms connected with nature with more immersion in landscape,” Gonzalez Touzet says. She adds that buyers are looking to respect and enjoy nature, a trend that will likely be highlighted by light colours, natural stones, and plants. These materials all play into more of those floor-to-ceiling windows that allow sunlight to become a natural function of a home’s layout. Even pools can play into this outside/inside aspect as infinity edges allow the pool to blend in with the sight lines of a lake or other body of water. It’s fair to say these components acting together paints a picture of residential and environmental harmony.

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