Robb Recommends: Trackside Luxury Living at Silverstone

New accommodation is being created less that a stone’s throw from the Tarmac.

At the weekend, Lewis Hamilton sealed yet another top podium spot at the postponed British Grand Prix. Formula 1 fans, grateful of course that the championship is happening at all, may privately feel a pang that they won’t be making the journey to  at Silverstone for <the> event of the summer.  However, if they follow the words of the late, great Ayrton Senna – ”The past is just data, I only see the future” – and cast their crystal ball into 2021, the situation looks both very different and very exciting. Not only is it likely next year’s British GP will be open to spectators, but Escapade Living, the track’s new, luxury accommodation, will by then be mid-build.

For the first time in its history, a luxury property is to be built on the actual Silverstone racetrack – putting residents, figuratively speaking, in the driving seat. Situated a tyres roll from the legendary circuit, Escapade Silverstone – the brainchild of Twelve Architects, interior design firm Michaelis Boyd and the project management consultancy Tower Eight – is to offer racing fans a unique lifestyle, and an unparalleled view.

Priced between £650,000 and £1,650,000, these two, three and four-bedroom residences by Escapade Living should be ready from May 2022, along with a clubhouse, state-of-the-art simulator rooms, briefing rooms, a driver-focussed gym, oxygen swimming pool and sauna, restaurant, bar and private dining room. From a spectator point of view, residents are sure to be delighted by the cantilevered terraces (allowing closer access to the racetrack), while the underfloor heating, comfort cooling and en suite bathrooms are sure to please.

Owners will also be able to let their flats out, capitalising on the 1.2 million visitors who flock to Silverstone every year. Apartments are available on a 125-year lease and owners are free to sell their property at any time. Escapade calls it a reimagining of leisure, lifestyle and investing: putting capital into something that provides entertainment, enrichment, enjoyment and learning, while also making a return”. But thats not all: owners will also be granted free access to all major race events, free use of the clubhouse and track days and trips.

Naturally, climate-controlled car storage is also part of the package, housed less than 500 meters from the edge of the circuit. “In our opinion, real luxury doesn’t feel expensive; it feels comfortable and natural,” says Escapade Living CEO Will Tindall. “Thats what Escapade Silverstone provides. And more than that, it is completely integrated with the circuit – an authentic experience borne out of the worlds foremost racetrack and, as a finished product, baked into it.”

Added Stuart Pringle, Managing Director, Silverstone Circuits: Silverstone has always been a centre of excellence from a racing, technology and engineering perspective. But we aim to be a global, all-weather destination, welcoming guests from around the world on a daily basis to enjoy motorsport together, and to do it in surroundings which enrich that experience. We’re delighted to be working with Escapade Living in creating a peerless hospitality experience. Escapade Silverstone will enable motorsport lovers to buy residences right on the edge of the circuit. For us, its immersive, bespoke, guest-led offering hails the dawn of something special.”