The Samsung AirDresser Is The Closet That Cleans

The sleek smart steamer keeps your garments looking sharp.

The Samsung AirDresser Is The Closet That Cleans

Imagine having a genie in your wardrobe, an unseen figure that receives clothes you’ve just worn and, minutes later, delivers refreshed, straightened garments back to you. Meet that genie, Samsung’s Airdresser – a wardrobe that promises to clean and de-crimp your clothes.

While not a replacement for the washing machine and iron, the AirDresser looks to take clothes that have been lightly worn and refresh them without the wear of washing.

The concept is straight forward, place your clothes on the AirHangers– blazers, shirts, pants, t-shirts or even shoes – close the locker-like system and set a cycle. The machine will do the rest, using heat and steam to remove dust and odours caused by sweat, smoke, cooking and more.

The cleansing cycles are as short as 20 minutes and beyond the odour refresh, the high-temperature steam gets into the fabrics, sanitising garments from bacteria, viruses and allergens while straightening your clothes out – limiting the laborious need for ironing.

Available in a white finish, the sleek AirDresser integrates into your wardrobe or home and has the ability to dry clothes at a low temperature while minimising heat damage and shrinking and can work as a dehumidifier.

It’s also intelligent, working with SmartThings – Samsung’s smart home platform – allowing you to use either the built-in display or your smartphone to select your cycle. If you’re unsure which cycle for which fabric, the AirDresser will recommend the perfect cycle for each garment, along with which garments can go together.

£1,999; Samsung