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Your supercar and watch now have more in common than you ever imagined

Looking like a mechanical monster, the multipart “tool” in McLaren’s Woking manufacturing facility southwest of London is one of the most impressive examples of composite part manufacturing in the auto industry. By applying pressure and heat to a combination of intricately arranged carbon-fibre fabric and specially formulated epoxy resin, McLaren’s tool moulds the structural heart of its […]

Harrods ‘Rarity’ celebration: an unusually rarefied experience

In nature, as Charles Darwin famously pointed out, rarity is the precursor to extinction. In luxury, conversely, rarity is the precursor to distinction, as evidenced by a two-month celebration (finishing on Thursday 16th August) of all things scarce – from precious fabrics and jewels to limited collections and unique in-store experiences – now underway at […]

Harrods’ Fine Watches Department Gets a Major Revamp

Whatever a visitor’s level of expertise, and whether an immediate or distant purchase is what they have in mind, there are few more edifying locations to peruse fine timepieces than Harrods’ Fine Watches department ( And, we’re talking, here, about an experience that’s just received a steroidal boost: as part of a £200m, three-year revamp […]