A Sense of Space: Marie Von Papen Announces MPV: London

The German behind the moving gallery concept to make her British debut in Surrey

In her native Berlin, Marie Von Papen – founder of moving gallery concept MVP – is renowned for hosting exhibitions in eyebrow-hiking locations (a wharf in Copenhagen, an abandoned shipping warehouse in New York and a former 1930’s office block in Berlin, to name just three). For her UK debut (16th-18th of November 2018), Von Papen has chosen the rural charm of Windsor Park Hall: a neoclassical architecture bought and refurbished by the designer-developer Candy & Candy in 2014.

Windsor Park Hall 

As well as the untitled piece above by Ecuadorian painter Pablo Guarderas, attendees can look forward to taking in an eclectic modernist mix, including the pieces below. “People are always searching for a new experience,” she says of her approach to curation and venue choices. “Whether it’s a wharf, a desert or a mansion, I believe you can stage an exhibition anywhere, and a new and unexpected location enables the work to be seen anew each time. Wherever you are, art has the ability to change the atmosphere.”


Konstantin Sotnikov’s Arche Noah  Manfred Wigger


Acci Baba’s Adam Ver Alpha October 2018 


Acci Baba’s EpochII 


Acci Baba’s White Void October 


Karl Luis Vossbeck’s Hauptsaechlich 


Karl Luis Vossbeck’s No Fish No Shower 


Nikolay Koshelev’s Blue Forest 


Untitled work by Pablo Guarderas 


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