Stackable Style: The Alessa Elixir Bracelet

This summer’s wrist adornment potential just got much tastier

Adham Sneeh

For those late in the room, Alessa’s back story is a romantic narrative befitting of a jewellery brand. Yuvraj Pahuja (who is from the fifth generation of a family of Indian jewellers who operated in Dubai) met Alessandra Robles (who grew up immersed in the vibrant culture and arts scene in Guatemala) while the pair were studying together at the Gemological Institute of America. The now married couple founded Alessa in 2009, and their contrasting backgrounds make for a potent fusion when it comes to collections whose ethos lies in the empowerment of women.

It’s an aim they can be confident about pulling off with this new collection, whose geometric splendour speaks for itself. Fashioned from 18K white, yellow or rose gold with hand painted enamel creating the mosaic-style aesthetic, they’re adorned with Pave diamonds.

Adham Sneeh

The Doha and Couture jewellery shows this year saw many notables, celebs included, juxtapose these with the Cartier Love bracelet. If you fancy emulating this stacked-style masterstroke, visit Harrods (POA), which is also stocking the brand’s Spectrum collection.



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