Five Men’s Bracelets On Our Radar

With the men’s wristwear trend showing no sign of abating, here are a few that’ll stack up nicely with your existing collection

Men’s Talisman charm bracelet, by Atelier Vayshalee Naran
Hand-made in Zimbabwean silver with a tusk charm carved from the Makalani palm fruit and an ethically mined Zimbabwean citrine, this stunning piece is by an ethical luxury jeweller every reader should know more about. Check out her bespoke offerings…

£850, www.atelier-vayshaleenaran.com

Men’s black leather wrap bracelet, by Paul Smith
The art of stacking bracelets lies in cadencing the elegantly prosaic with flashes of flamboyance. The former requirement demands staples such as this piece, whose triple-wound affect juxtaposes neatly with the simple metallic fastenings and Paul Smith signature embossed clasp.

£95, www.paulsmith.com

Ribbon Amor, by Rubinacci
Created in celebration of Luca Rubinacci’s wedding, this piece’s design – which also features on the Italian house’s scarves, pashminas and pocket squares – is inspired by an antique Nuptial Casket, manufactured in Naples in the IV Century, when the city was under Angevin rule.

€95.00 (around £85), www.marianorubinacci.net


Disc round blue sodalite beaded bracelet with silver spacer discs, by Tateossian
The name of the stone used here – found in Bahia, Namibia and India, where it is believed to increase creativity and communication skills – refers to the sodium content within. Sodalite is also thought – in certain circles only, admittedly – to enhance emotional healing and create a calming effect and help attain inner peace.

£155, www.tateossian.com

Bradshaw Blue and Silver Bracelet, by Alice Made This
Another more understated one for your collection, from a British craft company that puts a special emphasis on industrial processes and materials/techniques employed in aerospace, engineering and Formula One. Made from 4mm blue Dyneema cord – the world’s strongest and lightest fibre – it’s made in Malvern with the help of marine rope makers. Also available in black, red and white.

£95, www.alicemadethis.com

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