Robb Recommends: The All-Electric Arc

Is this the world's most advanced fully electric motorcycle?

The UK certainly hasn’t been short of producing ground-shaking inventions in its time, from the jet engine, the lightbulb and the World Wide Web. But very few have come along that encompass a plethora of innovative design techniques, feats of engineering, sensual lines, all informed with an environmental bent. Such is the deal with the Arc Vector.

This all-electric, high-performance offering is effectively rewriting the rules of how bikes are manufactured, designed and ridden, and will make any self-respecting autophile sit up and take notice as it glides by.

<span style="font-size: 16px;">The bike itself was born out of founder Mark Truman’s passion for everything two-wheeled, and allied well with his background as a data acquisition engineer for racing teams, working in Jaguar Land Rover’s own “skunkworks” division, and 35 years’ experience as a motorcycle rider.</span> 

His vision was to make the whole experience of riding a bike as immersive, user-friendly and bespoke as possible. Indeed, numerous elements of this bike are entirely made to measure. With just 399 units to go into production later in the year, and a starting price of £90,000, buyers can have their say throughout the extensive consultation and fittings process. 

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