Spotlight: Limassol Marina, A Decade After Its Inception

Ten years ago saw the inception of Limassol Marina – both the first superyacht and Blue Flag marina in Cyprus. The vision to transform an area of dilapidated buildings and warehouses by the sea into one of the most prestigious marinas to live and visit on the entire island is a success story of its own: and now it has finally been completed.

The development has boosted the country’s economy and increased yachting traffic to the island’s shores, making it a key place to anchor in the Eastern Mediterranean. Since its inception, the marina team has welcomed over 9,000 international arrivals by boat to its luminous, aquamarine waters, including 300 unique superyachts. Tall masts fill the sky about the marina as boats, some stretching up to 110m in length, dock at some of the 650 berths. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot a notable yacht and their distinguished owner among them.

With 320 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus clearly has its draws, and this marina is an on-trend, year-round yachting destinations loved by crews even in winter.

Aerial view of the marina 

Meandering around the waterfront promenade, there is plenty to soak up, from exquisite restaurants and high-end cocktail bars to luxury fashion boutiques to dip into. The discerning tourist will also find an array of entertainment, from crew activities and first-class water sports to concerts in the central cultural hub.

Events such as the upcoming Limassol Boat Show (https://limassolboatshow.com/) (which will be held on 14-16 October), Limassol Carnival Festival (https://www.limassol.org.cy/en/carnivallimassol) and Limassol Motion https://www.limassolmotionevent.com/ fill up the calendar, attracting thousands of guests each year, furnishing it a cosmopolitan and vibrant city atmosphere.


Bright coloured villas offering private yacht berths and swimming pools sit right along the water’s edge, while Castle Residences, ready-to-move-in apartments on their own private island with stone architecture inspired by buildings in the old town nearby, offer plenty of choice for those who want to make the marina a more permanent home.

Castle Residences 

The last phase apartments at Castle Residences offer breath-taking 360° views of the Mediterranean Sea, the marina itself and the picturesque coastal city of Limassol and beyond.

The marina recently ranked sixth in a list of the most Instagrammable marinas in the world and has a ‘5 Gold Anchor Platinum Award’, the highest distinction for exceptional marinas across the globe. Add to this the island’s climate, stress-free lifestyle and minimal pollution, and it’s one of the healthiest and most relaxing marinas in which to sail to, invest in and live.

Check out more pictures of Limassol Marina and its surrounds below. 


Nicos Louca

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