Robb Recommends: Anthénea

The luxury floating pod is available for rent n France’s Côte de Granit Rose coast.

Webbed-fingered Bond villain Karl Stromberg wanted to destroy the world. Jean-Michel Ducancelle wants to help protect it. Inspired by the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”, the French naval architect has created the “Anthenea”, the world’s first five-star floating luxury eco-pod and hotel suite: and in the process provided the ultimate immersive, off-grid luxury experience with social distancing and self-isolating built in.

The circular fiberglass portable abode is ringed with windows and has a glass bottom. They are currently moored in the Cote d’Armour department of  Brittany in north-west France, and cost around £260 a night to stay in. To buy one will cost you just north of £410,000.

Inside the 50-square-metre ultra-private floating hotel suite-slash-villa there is a bedroom, lounge and solarium. It can accommodate up to twelve people. All appliances are powered by five south-facing solar panels, two propulsion pods and silent motors to keep the sea going pod afloat indefinitely. Anthénea utilises its own sustainable water black and grey water stations, a desalination system, a wood-burning stove and features sand screw anchoring.

The capsule and underwater observatory is equipped with a circular bed, sofa, a mini bar, curved furniture covered with waxed concrete and a three-metres-long underwater window.

Using the surface tension principle, the spherical design offers optimal resistance to extreme conditions, and requires no navigational knowledge or experience to operate. Seasickness is minimised by stabilising ballasting and 360° panoramic vision of the horizon.

The first Anthénea eco-lodge has been unveiled in the port of Trébeurden in France. “Anthénea is a new kind of tourism, but also a new way of life in the face of many environmental challenges: rising sea levels, the effects of climate change, the over-density of the seaboard and places congested by tourism,” according to the company brochure.

The sun roof is motorised and automatically moves to block the direction of the wind. There is also an outward-facing alcove. Each suite is equipped with removable solarium windshields to create a second room.