Bigger, Slicker, Greener… Trends Set To Define Superyachting In The Decade To Come

SuperYachtsMonaco’s Managing Director and Senior Sales Broker on a rapidly changing luxury milieu.

Size Matters
It’s simply part of human nature to strive for bigger and more innovative projects, and by 2030 there will be a fleet of elite gigayachts of 100m+ on the world’s waters. That being said, the ideal cruising size will remain up to 80m, to allow clients to enjoy cruising closer to the shore, a greater choice of berths and a more personal experience on board.

SuperYachtsMonaco represents yachts from 20 metres up to 120 metres and 2020 will see us presenting four new designs to the market, ready to be built, including Project L – a 120m Enigma from Thierry Gaugin.

Green Machines
More and more efforts will concentrate on creating more eco-friendly yachts, with more efficient propulsion choices, hull designs and operational systems being part of the package right from the drawing board. The main one will be the integration of real hybrid power solutions into conventional yachts.

It took the car industry years to offer normal models with hybrid technology and the yachting manufacturers were experimenting with the idea for a mere fraction of that time. At the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show we saw MTU and Rolls Royce announce a one-stop-shop solution which would cover the entire package under the same warranty and could be fitted to most production yachts.

On top of that, crew on board will focus on implementing green policies, producing less waste, providing reusable water bottles, introducing lower/no plastic policies and utilising organic cleaning products.

Perfect Prototypes
We’re seeing synergies with manufacturing processes from other industries who are able to push the boundaries of what is possible thanks to a larger market and therefore more resources. These industries are able to advance at an exponential rate thanks to R&D departments’ use of machine learning and 3D printing, allowing for prototype testing to be faster, cheaper and inclusive of more variables.

This translates into a less experimental design and manufacturing process, and final products are deemed tried-and-tested almost on the first day of release. If the yachting industry is able to capture those techniques and apply them, it means that building will become less costly, higher quality and far more reliable, all benefiting the end user.

Ultra-capable vessel Stormbreaker has internet connection to match that of an urban office 

Design Derring-Do
Iconic looks have long been a part of yachting culture, but now there is the experience and know-how to be ever more creative with yacht forms and materials. There will be a strong emphasis on ergonomics, as well as intelligent interior and exterior design, to maximise light thanks to the great advances in the use of glass as a structural material, allowing designers huge scope to play with light and panoramic views.

We’ve also experienced more creativity in exterior forms with beautiful and complex shapes being built, proving that art and functionality can live symbiotically.

Bucketlist Factor
We may feel like the internet has given us access to almost every corner of the world, but nothing beats a yacht that can take you there in style and allow you to experience the exhilaration or tranquillity first-hand. Overall the yachting experience is no longer just about being on board – instead, the guests look to have a more meaningful experience. They want the full package.

The extent of service from the industry will continue to grow to meet and exceed client expectations. An ideal example of this is 72m Cloudbreak, the ideal superyacht for modern day explorers. With a fortified hull and helideck for heli-skiing or heli-fishing, she is fully-equipped for epic adventures as well as total relaxation, offering a luxurious spa and a cinema room to unwind.

Tapped Into The Ether
Now that we are used to being in constant and instant contact with the world, our expectations on that front can seem boundless. When it comes to servicing those expectations at sea, there are smart companies out there catching up fast with demand and although the elements are not at our command, technology and connectivity on board yachts will see quantum leaps in terms of continuous and high-level service over the coming decade.

Stormbreaker (pictured above) is the perfect example. A new kind of super yacht designed to push on through the sorts of heavy weather from which other yachts seek safe haven, Stormbreaker is an immensely powerful and capable luxury ship with unparalleled connectivity. She is built to carry an adventurous owner, family and guests through any and all-weather conditions to the most remote and beautiful destinations on the planet, while providing internet connection speed second to none.