Invictus Yacht’s New Line of Day Boats Was Inspired by an Italian Coastline

The new line will feature 11 yachts ranging from 19 to 28 feet.

Ever wondered what the Mediterranean might look like in yacht form? Invictus Yacht wants to show you.

The Italian shipyard has just unveiled a new line of vessels that pays homage to a breathtaking local headland while showcasing the very best in marine engineering.

The Capoforte collection comprises all of the models carrying the X badge in the Invictus fleet. The family of 10 ranges from 19 to 28 feet, which makes them more day boats than yachts if you care about semantics (we like to think of them as mini yachts). Each vessel is characterized by elegant lines and carefully designed ergonomics. This makes them ideal for either relaxation or recreation.

The collection is actually named after a headland in Calabria where Invictus is based. The locals have nicknamed this stunning area where stone meets sea Capoforte. As such, all Capoforte models will feature stylistic elements that reference the area’s natural beauty.

Invictus Capaforte CX240

The Invictus Capaforte CX240. ALBERTO COCCHI 

Seafarers can choose between four colours for the exterior—Blue Whale, Personal White, Dark Shadow and Attack Grey—that seem to emulate the hues of the ocean. Similarly, the “Sunset Gold” consoles in the CX, SX and FX models sport matte pink and gold just like the sky at dusk.

Naturally, there’s a good dose of Italian-style luxury, too. Each vessel comes equipped with a chic cockpit that’s finished in either ivory or cognac and features braided leather and plush fabrics for added pizzaz. They will also be emblazoned with the new Capoforte logo to honour their provenance.

To top it off, the Capoforte family will gain a new member in just a few months. The new SX200 will launch in March and take the collection up to 11. Invictus hasn’t given any details about the design, but a spokesperson for the yard told Robb Report that more information would be released in February. Our guess? It’ll be a smaller version of the SX280 refined to become a living room on the sea. Stay tuned.

Check out more photos of the Capoforte vessels below:


Invictus Capaforte CX250

The Invictus Capaforte CX250. Alberto Cocchi 

Invictus Capaforte CX240

The Invictus Capaforte CX240. ALBERTO COCCHI 

Invictus Capaforte CX240

The Invictus Capaforte CX240. ALBERTO COCCHI 

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