Becker’s JetVan Is the Ultimate Office on Wheels

Becker’s ultra-personalized vehicles transport executives, dignitaries, and celebrities while providing them with all the accoutrements found on first-class flights. Take, for instance, this heavily modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, which is outfitted with a fully functioning kitchen inspired by an aircraft galley. “The idea is that during your transportation time, you can do everything you could do if you were on a private jet,” says Howard Becker, the founder and CEO of Becker Automotive Designs. “And what private jet doesn’t have coffee if you want it?”

Becker’s creations are made-to-order and offer a range of seating plans and amenities, which can include various levels of armoring that range from bulletproof to bomb proof. Interior color schemes can be simple (think basic black) or elaborate, with two-tone leather upholsteries and exotic wood trims.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van Photo: Troy Becker 

This JetVan is outfitted with a microwave oven, espresso maker, and a full array of tableware, all located in the rear of the vehicle. With just the touch of a button, the rear-most seats move forward to allow access to the galley. Natalia Wilner, the JetVan’s interior designer, worked in the aviation industry for nearly 20 years and learned to make the most of limited dimensions. “I love the challenge of a small space,” she says. “We collaborated to fit in everything from a blender to a vacuum to three large-screen TVs, all while making the van’s interior look spacious and full of light.”