A 19-Year-Old YouTuber Created This Insane Twin-Turbo “Rally” Lamborghini Huracán

With this build, Alex Choi is very prepared for the disdain coming his way.

If you’ve hate-clicked into this story, having looked at this Lamborghini Huracán with a pink-exoskeleton and enormous rally lights and declaring it an sacrilegious abomination, or bemoaning that money can’t buy taste, those are precisely the emotions that the vehicle’s creator—19-year-old Alex Choi—was hoping to evoke. Whether his intent is right or wrong, there’s no arguing that his “rally” Lamborghini is polarising.

The YouTuber calls his creation the Unicorn V3, and the suffix there is a nod to the prior two iterations of this Huracán since Choi took delivery in 2017. The first two were screaming neon wraps and under-lighting and the removal (and then re-addition) of the rear bumper. This time around, he’s been inspired by the flip car from Fast and Furious 6The resulting build sees the deletion of most of the Huracán’s body panels to make way for the pink “monkey bars”, as Choi calls them, that now encapsulate the entire vehicle. Some 42 different lights were added, including a Group B-style quad set of rounds in the front, and plenty of flush-mounted strobes and a roof light bar.

Choi makes an eyebrow-raising claim that the designers of the Huracán were “nerds” and that the taillights should’ve been inverted, so he flipped them around. He added a rear diffuser and a carbon-fibre rear wing was jacked up another foot after its installation on V2. The engine gets a Sheepey Race twin-turbo kit, which is good for at least 800 horsepower. A custom air-to-air intercooler with enormous air filters replaces the rear haunches and feeds the engine. Bespoke Brixton Forged wheels complete the build. You can listen to Choi walk through his build – and his rationale for wanting the controversy – in the video above.

Unicorn V3, The Twin Turbo Lamborghini

Unicorn V3, The Twin Turbo Lamborghini Photo: Alex Choi/Youtube

While the Unicorn V3 is many things, a rally car this isn’t. Also, if you’ve ever installed a roof rack on your vehicle, you’ll know the maddening wind noise produced above 55 miles an hour. Can you imagine the noise emitting from that pink skeleton when Choi’s cooking it?