Aura To Offer a Private-Jet Experience at Business-Class Prices

The concept behind Aura isn’t completely novel. It’s a Florida-based aviation company that will operate as a semiprivate boutique airline. It will offer flights priced at about business-class rates on a limited number of set routes aboard aircraft that depart and arrive at private terminals or private hangars, enabling passengers to avoid check-in and security lines. It […]

The Fascinating Story of the Father of Fractional Jet Ownership

When Richard Santulli introduced fractional aircraft ownership with the launch of NetJets in 1986, some decried it as a time-share for business jets. Skeptics assumed that NetJets customers wouldn’t always be able to fly when they wanted—or needed—to. But Santulli, a former mathematics professor and one of the original Wall Street “quants,” had run the numbers and was convinced […]

Chasing the Dragon: Ameco Creates a Boeing 787 Cabin Concept Based on Traditional Chinese Art

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner stretches 224 feet from nose to tail, with an 18-foot-wide cabin big enough to hold 330 passengers—meaning owners have plenty of space to create a truly luxurious travel environment. Ameco Beijing, China’s biggest aircraft-technical-support company, recently unveiled a new cabin concept for the B787 called Chinese Dragon that reflects design concepts and colors found in […]