How Bombardier’s New Anti-Jet-Lag Lighting System Works to Help You Sleep

The Soleil lighting system taps into passengers’ circadian rythyms to help sleep better.

Jet lag is for real. Nobody knows this better than CEOs crisscrossing the globe for mergers, pow-wows and, well, lunch. Canada-based Bombardier has been keep
ing these clients in mind, working with scientists for years to develop its anti-jet-lag innovation: the Soleil lighting system, designed specifically for its new Global 7500 business jet and featuring the industry’s only Dynamic Daylight Simulation. The system uses specific combinations of red- and blue-light wavelengths that release or suppress melatonin to help travellers sleep better or remain alert and lively across time zones.

The innovative illumination taps into passengers’ circadian rhythm to influence rest or exhilaration by the overall ambience. Built into the “nice Touch” cabin-management system, Soleil automatically calculates the optimal sleep/wake cycle for the journey and can also be programmed to schedule the best time for meal service—all based on destination, ensuring that travellers are as in sync as possible with the new time zone upon landing.

“Along with the [jet’s] master suite—with its full bed and stand-up shower—and smooth ride, the Soleil lighting system helps passengers arrive feeling more rested and refreshed,” says Peter Likoray, Bombardier’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. And that can make the difference when trying to close a deal.

Soleil can be individually adjusted at each seat (or bed), so those who would rather push through and finish up a presentation can keep the blue-wavelength/ morning light on to help with focus and productivity. For sleep, turn the system to the red-wavelength/relax mode. Or just let the Dynamic Daylight Simulation do its thing. All areas of the jet can be controlled separately—the aft bedroom, the media lounge, the dining suite and the club suite. Consider it a wake-up call for the competition.

Morning lighting uses blue-light wavelengths to stimulate alertness.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System

Warmer, evening light uses red wavelengths to get passengers’ melatonin going.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System

Combining both the red and blue makes for a relaxed, but on-point passenger.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System

When it’s time to get serious about sleep, the relaxing red-light wavelengths kick in.

Bombardier Global 7500 Soleil Lighting System

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