Chasing the Dragon: Ameco Creates a Boeing 787 Cabin Concept Based on Traditional Chinese Art

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner stretches 224 feet from nose to tail, with an 18-foot-wide cabin big enough to hold 330 passengers—meaning owners have plenty of space to create a truly luxurious travel environment. Ameco Beijing, China’s biggest aircraft-technical-support company, recently unveiled a new cabin concept for the B787 called Chinese Dragon that reflects design concepts and colors found in traditional Chinese art. Ameco’s concept comprises a crew area, a guest lounge, a cinema, a dining room, a bar and galley, a VIP lounge, an office, and a master suite equipped with a bedroom, private bath, and dressing room.


Photo: Ameco Beijing 

The 787-10, the newest version of Boeing’s classic airliner, is capable of long legs. Travelers can pass the time in Ameco’s cinema space, where the layered facade and ceiling reflect the graceful curves of a dragon’s neck. LED lights in the ceiling create the illusion of a star-filled sky. The leather sofa features a fold-down armrest with wine glasses at the ready for refreshments while guests enjoy the broad-screen movie experience.

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