Robb Recommends: Tyrone Deans’ Debut Solo Exhibition

‘Systemic Freedom’ starts tomorrow in West London.

If you’ve not come across London-based artist  Tyrone Deans, his work – strongly influenced by his training as an architect – explores issues of culture, race, migration and class. This, his first solo exhibition, plays on the interplay between Deans’ two main destinations for producing work, Sweden and Jamaica, with his propensity to pain outdoors bringing out a starker, more compelling contrast between the wind-whipped, frigid forests of Sweden and afternoon rainstorms in laid-back Kingston.

Elsewhere, works painted during structured, scheduled days in a Swedish studio are juxtaposed with those created while basking in balmy Jamaican climes surrounded by curious passers-by.

So crucial are surroundings and environment to his work, Deans has mixed sand, salt, and soil into the paint before applying to the canvas.

‘Systemic Freedom’ runs from 18th May-5th June 2021 at Thompson’s Gallery London, 3 Seymour Place, W1H 5AZ

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Captain Cudjoe 


Hot Sun 



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