Privacy Is The Ultimate Luxury, According To Security Experts Hunter Protection

The peace of mind it leads to trumps all of life's other offerings, according to a firm whose raison d'être is to protect Royal Families, Heads of State and Diplomats, among others.

Some of life’s finest pleasures are harder to spot. Silence is a good example, as is privacy. Less obvious luxuries such as these often make themselves apparent the moment they are taken away. The sudden, persistent ringing of a car alarm outside raises the status of the purest silence to one of precious luxury. More pressingly, the compromising of one’s privacy will elucidate the bliss of absolute privacy itself.

Privacy is held as the ultimate luxury by Hunter Protection, a private protection provider to UHNW clients including international Royal families, Heads of State, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and Fortune 100 CEOs. Its Founder, Karen Connell, believes that privacy and personal safety are intrinsically linked, and works with her team of highly-trained Close Protection Officers, Security Ambassadors and Chauffeurs, each dedicated, discrete and highly professional. The value of privacy is taken so seriously by all personnel at Hunter Protection that this elite team of operatives themselves keep incredibly low profiles. It is only Connell herself that is known to the public as a member of the Hunter Protection team.

Connell has worked in over 42 countries and as well as heading up Hunter Protection, and is an expert in communication and behavioural science. She works personally with Hunter Protection’s operatives, training them to build effective and professional relationships quickly so they can keep the ‘person’ in ‘personal security’ and maintain clients’ privacy, and thus their safety.

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One of the primary concerns for safety in the current climate is that of violent crime. As of August, violent crime rates have crept back up to their pre-coronavirus levels and could escalate further as the economy continues to feel the implications of the pandemic. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Sadiq Khan said he believed “There is a real risk of violent crime spiking as lockdown is eased.”

“Desperate people do desperate things,” says Connell, adding that “Now is the time to feel assured that high-level emergency threat plans are in place to protect your privacy and that of your family.” Hunter Protection has continued to protect their clients and their families, homes and businesses throughout this increase in crime levels in London, New York and many other global capitals. She warns that wherever you go, “There are too many security guards who operate with minimum qualifications and experience, and even more homes with alarm systems that are not monitored or functioning properly. This is a huge compromise to the privacy, safety and peace of mind of people all over the world.”

This is why each of Hunter Protection’s operatives is trained to work under exceptional circumstances, anticipating scenarios and outcomes for individuals, families and for corporate personnel. Each Hunter Protection assignment or long-term protection programme involves in-depth planning and logistics to ensure the delivery of the security measures is effective and highly discrete. Hunter Protection’s operatives are veterans from the British Elite Forces, British Military Intelligence, Royalty and UHNW protection. Their forensic attention to detail, unrivalled expert knowledge and military precision define Hunter Protection’s network of protection personnel. With countless operational tours of duty in their portfolios, the officers are personally selected to offer Hunter Protection’s clients the ultimate luxuries: privacy, safety and the freedom to relax.

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