Eight UK-Based, Male-Centric Spa Treatments On Our Radar

The country's wellness hotspots are attracting more and more Y chromosomes through their doors

Remember when “metrosexualism” became a “thing”? It now seems quaint that, as recently as 25 years ago, men being meticulous about their grooming, appearance and well-being warranted the coining of a neologism.

How things have moved on: a study by spa destination Champneys showed 54 per cent of Gen Zs saying they would prioritise beauty routines, such as skin care, massages and other forms of pampering.

And so, with men no longer propping up hotel bars while their female partners head for the patchouli-scented basement of the building, here are a few noteworthy male-focussed treatments we’ve come across.

Muscle Reviver at the Horsted Spa at East Sussex National

Seven well-appointed treatments rooms, two manicure and pedicure rooms, a pulse-slowing relaxation area… The Horsted Spa at the East Sussex National Resort – set amongst 1,100 acres of countryside, about 17 miles north-east of Brighton – has plenty to recommend it.

For men who play sport seriously, in particular, this 40-minute session of deep relaxation and addressing of natural balance using a range of ESPA treatments, focusing on the back and back of the legs, will be another major draw.
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Strength and Resilience Massage at Maya Blue Wellness Spa, The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool



Aromatherapeutic oils play a significant role in an 85-minute, resilience-boosting massage geared around releasing muscular tension and rediscovering a sense of mental well-being. Yogic stretches and deep muscle massage  bolster both clients’ energy levels and immune systems.

According to the spa, the treatment – from which you’ll emerge “ready to face life’s unexpected journeys” – has been inspired by the painted lady butterfly’s migration from Mexico to Canada and back: a round trip so arduous, it takes about six generations.
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 Time Expert Men’s Energy Facial at The Westin London City


Matteo Barro

There’s plenty to recommend The Westin, which opened earlier this year: not least views overlooking Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern, its bustling restaurant, Mosaic – and a spa that’s replete with innovative treatments (not to mention a sanctuary-like pool area). 

Using products by Germaine de Capuccini – a brand that’s proud of its rejection of “one-size-fits-all” approaches to skincare – this 60-Minute treatment is designed specifically to meet the needs of men’s skin which, thanks to testosterone, is thicker and oilier than women’s skin. The plant extracts and vitamins used in this relaxing facial therapy, say the spa’s experts, rejuvenates the skin and alleviates irritation caused by day-to-day life and the dermatologically brutal ritual that is shaving.
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111skin Signature Cryotherapy Sports Massage at The Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge



Having a portion of your body cooled to a temperature of 30° below using liquid nitrogen or argon gas doesn’t exactly sound therapeutic – in fact, though, cryotherapy penetrates deep into the layers of tissue and, whilst removing dead or abnormal tissue, also improves circulation.

This localised treatment in the spa at Bvlgari’s endlessly sybaritic Knightsbridge hospitality outpost combines cryotherapy with deep tissue massage and sports massage, and can be used on specific areas of concern or as a whole body therapy – making it perfect for both sports injuries and fatigue.

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HarSPA Feet treatment at Richmond Harbour Hotel & Spa



Men have made strides when it comes to personal care, over the last few decades – but most of us have done so on feet, our appendages that endure the most hardship, that remain largely neglected.

Those wishing to rectify that, and start working on personal care from the ground up, should consider this option at a Richmond-based wellness centre that also has a spa garden with Scandinavian hot tub and martial arts-inspired classes.

It includes exfoliation and removal of hard skin, as well as filing and shaping of the nails and a foot massage.

 ‘Nuad Thai’ at the Royal Nuad Spa, Royal Lancaster London


Koray Firat

When the The Royal Nuad Thai spa opened earlier this year, the hotel on whose third floor it resides, the Royal Lancaster, called it “The most authentic experience of a Thai spa treatment outside of Thailand.”

Among the signature Thai massages carried out in three impressively-appointed treatment rooms is a 120-minute session which ” helps balance energy and harmony” (their words) with a unique combination of not-tool-vigorous stretching exercises an assisted yoga postures.

Without ever reaching for the oil – in keeping with the authentic Thai experience – the therapist instead uses their hands, knees and feet to manipulate the body into different positions. The result is loosened muscles and joints and improved mobility.

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The Long Exhale at Gleneagles, Scotland



This poetically named, 120-minute treatment at Perthshire’s hospitality institution has a whiff of the new-agey about it: but many of the best ones do.

It starts with a jade WaveStone – a tool, invented by American paramedic and ice hockey player-turned sports therapist Adrian Jenkinson, designed to improve the massage experience for both giver and receiver – gliding along your body in rhythm and flow. Then, full body stretches are delivered with flax seed, borag and sea buckthorn oils infused with neroli, rose otto and sandalwood balm.

There’s also a salt, heather and honey foot ritual in the mix.
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 Forest Bathing at Glenapp Castle


OK, so it’s not exactly a spa treatment – but it’s an enticing item on the men’s wellness menu at an Ayrshire Hotel set within 36 acres of gardens and woodland. Forest Bathing – know in Japan, where it came into being as a physiological and psychological workout in the 1980s, as shinrin yoku – has hit the crest of the zeitgeist in the west, its advocates say, in part because lockdown has left people yearning for the outdoors, wide open spaces and remote destinations

“Being guided on how to slow down, breath and connect with the energy of the trees, plants, animals and insects, you realise that there is more to life than what’s going on in your head and whilst these health benefits apply to both male and females, forest bathing can help males in particular, connect with their emotions on another level,” comments a representative from Adventure Carrick, the outdoor adventure activity specialists who conduct the experience.
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