Eating With The Fishes: Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

There’s a famous scene in The Spy Who Loved Me where baddie Karl Stromberg sits feasting in his sub-aqua dining room, sharks hustling impatiently at the windows. It’s an ominous, dark, dramatic tableau and one purely confined to celluloid – until now. Under is a 110-foot long underwater restaurant-cum-aquarium showcasing the wonders of the deep, […]

Review: Greyhound Café, London

Let’s be honest: London’s Thai food scene took a nosedive when pub-goers started regularly ordering pad Thai, instead of pie, with their pints. What started off as a well-executed ruse at The Churchill Arms near Kensington Palace soon degenerated into an insult to a distant nation’s fine culinary tradition, once any hipster who’d spent a […]

African Odyssey: Wolfgat To Head North for Taste of London

Islington bolthole 1251,  Marylebone Indian restaurant Trishna and Hawaiian joint Island Poké Soho will be among the revered London culinary spots gracing this year’s Taste of London event, which takes place in Regent’s Park from 19-23 June. Now, the line-up has been further boosted with the mouth-watering news that Wolfgat – the South African eatery […]

Robb Reader: Farzi Café Owner Zorawar Kalra

What kind of minor details turn a great restaurant into an exceptional, award-winning one? I think it’s all about the details. If you take care of the details, including the minutest ones, everything else falls into place. Having a good team that is as passionate and enthusiastic about the brands and restaurants as you are. […]

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