Robb Recommends: TLC’s Fine Art Prints

With all of us set to spend more time in our places of domicile, home should be where the art is.

Three out of five respondents to a recent survey said they would like to work from home more often than they did before the lockdown – and the same goes, all logic dictates, for socialising, too. Demand for art and prints, along with other commodities that bolster the domestic space, is rocketing – which is why The Logical Choice Group’s new service creating on-demand fine art prints is as timely as it is exceptional.

Clients who order a print via the service will be instantly impressed on receipt of their order: personalised packaging for prints can be arranged including beautiful waxed tissue paper, stickers and embossed signature stamps, while certificates of authenticity are also provided for limited edition pieces. The unwrapped print itself, meanwhile, is guaranteed to dazzle, thanks to the both the reproduction expertise of the company in question, and the state-of-the-art equipment being used.

Sport prints are proving popular with the new service. 

“Because of the intrinsic skill sets within the company, we started to look at diversifying about 12 months ago, and one of the areas we know we’re very good at is colour, given that we work with fashion titles, with publications for most of the major museums in London,” explains Ralph Wills, one of the company directors. “Plus, we’re based in the south-west where there’s a massive art scene.”

The company duly invested a large amount of money on the best possible photography equipment for capturing artworks – but then came across a vastly superior solution. “We discovered this A2 flatbed 3D scanner from Germany which effectively has two beams of light that scan the work for you,” continues Wills. “If you bring me an oil painting, or a textile – anything that’s below a maximum depth of 8mm – it picks up the relief and the detail of the image so that when we print it out, it’s absolutely identical to the original. Its genuinely tactile – you feel a need to touch the resulting print. It can even deal with transparent source material. So now we use that instead.”

The A2 flatbed 3D scanner perfectly replicates a piece of artwork’s texture, as well as its colour details 

Many commercial ventures have taken advantage of the service – when global football ground to a halt, for example, Mundial Magazine seized the great opportunity to cater for fans starved of the beautiful game by adding a ‘Print Shop’ category to their existing retail zone on the website. “Traditionally, publishers commission this exquisite photography, we retouch it and make it even more beautiful, it’s enjoyed for a while and then just goes into an archive,” says Wills. “So now we’re saying to publishers: ‘Why not produce exquisite fine art prints based on this work?’”

Meanwhile, David Beckham and Bono are among the high-profile clients to have used the service for their own personal domains, and one prominent New York art figure who owns a vast repository of rap and hip-hop images is even opening a new gallery in the Hamptons, purely on the strength of this remarkable service across The Pond.

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