Robb Recommends: STORE Store’s Online Programmes

First up from the Coal Drops Yard design hub? Bioplastics.

With an estimated eight million pieces of plastic pollution finding their way into the world’s oceans each day, and a possible 5.25 trillion macro and microplastic pieces weighing up to 269,000 tonnes now floating in the open ocean, it’s unsurprising that bioplastics – materials made from sources such as vegetable oils, corn starch, straw and  recycled food waste –set to be a ‘thing’ for the foreseeable.

Which is partly why STORE Store – which runs art, design, architecture and other creative workshops every week in and around its Coal Drops Yard venue – has made a Bioplastic Workshop by designer Zoë Powell the first of its series of Workshops Live sessions (from May 9th, 2pm-4pm, £15), which will be delivering group tutorials via participants’ device cameras on a bi-weekly basis for the foreseeable.

Powell – a materials researcher and designer with a decade of experience focussing on regenerative materials and processes, in collaboration with local communities – will, via an eclectic collection of abundant natural ingredients (including turmeric, agar and gelatine), bio-plastics and composites – demonstrate a material recipe and show participants how to create a biomaterial test at home.

Parents should also check out their Afterschool Club Online, which brings together artists, architects, engineers and designers to share product design and fabrication techniques.

A circuit- board, created at Afterschool Club