Robb Recommends: Sofitel’s ‘Silver Lining’ installation in St James’s

The project aims to inject some much needed optimism into the heart of the British capital.

Ribbons of silver bearing hope-filled verse by poet Greta Bellamacina are the essence of a new art installation, named ‘Silver Lining’, with which Sofitel is brightening up London’s St James’s locale from today. The collaboration between Bellamacina and critically acclaimed artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti aims to inject some playful optimism into a city which feels a little deflated right now.

To enjoy Silver Lining to the max, consider it as a walking route that highlights the very best treasures found within St James’s – from Waterloo Place to Princes Arcade on Jermyn Street via St James’s Market and The Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain (commonly known as Eros) in Piccadilly Circus.

Upon de-installation of the work on 19th October, the artists will repurpose all the silver lining and use it as source material for a limited series of abstract works on canvas.

“With ‘Silver Lining’, Sofitel wishes to add a touch of playful Joie de vivre and sparkle to London, a city that hosts all three of our UK hotels,” explains João Rocco, Vice President Sofitel Brand. “2020 has been a challenging year for us all and through this moving and hope-filled commission, imagined through the first-ever collaborative work of Ania Catherine, Dejha Ti and Greta Bellamacina, we look forward to inspiring locals and visitors to discover their own Silver Lining as they re-explore the treasures of this world-renowned city and neighbourhood.”

The full text of Bellamacina’s poem can be seen below.



Behind the day, the stars chime in candles

Eighty years of a thousand mornings buried in impossible monuments

Something as simple as a smile from a stranger

The rebirth of magic is in everyone

The rain cleans the ticks of the wild wind

That gets in from time to time

Hold up the puddles like magic

And I will swim across for you

Your love is a kingdom of escape

Rebuilding everything sacred

A passage of hope

Two colours holding a sunrise

The morning leaving the night

We live in the cities but our dreams are wild goats on the side of mountain

Faraway from here there is a bonfire blowing out towards the sea, holding an impossible kind of love that holds us throughout our lives

We sit on the steps of renamed stones

Owning nothing but ideas of new civilisations we will never reach.