Suzanne Syz’s Latest Jewelry is Artfully Vibrant

Suzanne Syz is best known for crafting bold pieces made with ultra-colourful, candy-like gems, and often draws inspiration from her personal collection of vibrant contemporary art. In addition to owning works by Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Julian Schnabel, Syz can count herself as a Warhol subject—she and her young son Marc posed for Warhol’s aptly named 1982 portrait, The Smiling Lady Looking at the Art World.

Syz only makes about 30 pieces of one-of-kind jewels each year, and at this month’s Design Miami/Basel in Geneva she unveiled her four latest designs, which are alternately playful and sophisticated.

On the more playful side is a new pair of stud earrings modelled after vinyl records, complete with a gold tone arm and “Bad Girl” emblazoned on the red enamel spindle in diamonds—inspired by the 1979 Donna Summer hit, “Bad Girls.” Syz channels modern elegance with a pair of sleek paraiba tourmaline drop earrings and a dynamic set of mobile-like chandelier earrings that suspend rough cuts of diamond and spinel within titanium circles.

Inside sculptor Sylvie Fleury’s jewelry box-inspired space at Design Miami/Basel. ANNIK WETTER 

The new pieces were displayed at Design Miami/Basel within an installation created by Swiss sculptor Sylvie Fleury. The partnership is the third installment in an ongoing series in which Syz invites contemporary artists to reimagine the jewellery box.

In Fleury’s interpretation, called Magnifying, tiny jewellery box elements are enlarged to be life-size, encouraging the viewer to “become the jewel” amidst a large, plush brooch display, a giant mirrored watch holder and a tall earring stand (that also serves as a lamp).“It is possible that at times we’ve all dreamt about diving into a shop window,” explains Fleury in a statement. “These objects take on the size of our imagination and Suzanne Syz magnifies that with her jewels.”

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