Entrepreneurs and Innovators Part V: Tim Hayes, Co-founder, Peach

The personal trainer to the stars on making keep-fit a luxury endeavour

“I created Peach to improve the quality of our clients’ lives,” says high-end personal trainer Tim Hayes on the technology platform that connects people to the world’s best personal trainers and wellness specialists. As a young man Hayes was a gym regular but, on graduating in 2000, went straight into the corporate world. “I made good money but it didn’t really fulfil me,” he says. He considered becoming a teacher, trainer or therapist – “and now I’m all three!” he grins.

After stints as a personal trainer, he branched out on his own in 2007 with Tim Hayes Lifestyle Fitness and for the next 10 years found himself working all over the globe with clients from every strata of society ranging from stay-at-home mums to royal families and A-listers, along the way picking up a Diploma in Sports Science and specialist credentials in corrective exercise, pre-and-postnatal exercise and functional biomechanics.

And then, in January 2017, he founded Peach. The idea was to connect HNW clients to London’s most experienced personal trainers and wellness specialists, via location, all in one simple app. Hayes’ goal with Peach was “to affect the industry at large on a global scale. I wanted to give trainers a community that feeds and grows off each other which, in turn, gives our clients the power of many minds and decades of experience.” The Peach app was soft-launched a year later.

The problem with the fitness industry, he says, is that far too often, personal trainers lack proper qualifications, and in an unregulated market “every trainer on the planet says they are the best, because by nature they’re motivators”. Hayes was determined that his hand-picked, experienced trainers should have an ongoing commitment to education, and remain up to date with research in human movement, lifestyle coaching and nutrition coaching. All trainers must also enrol on an intensive course at the Peach Academy. Hayes hopes it will set a new standard for the fitness industry. Though currently available in London, Peach will soon be launching in Dubai and New York.


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