Barbiere Acqua Di Parma: Revitalising The Ritual Of Italian Shaving

Given how new life has been breathed into the codes of classic men’s elegance in recent years – and with that a growing regard for ‘old-school’ icons such as Cary Grant, Sean Connery and virile contemporaries such as George Clooney and Daniel Craig – it’s no surprise that wet shaving has also undergone a renaissance.

Go to a traditional barber and you’ll get hot towels, the beefcake factor of having another man take a cut-throat blade to your face and the sheer pampering factor all thrown in. But wet shaving at home can also be an unadulterated joy, especially thanks to accruements such as these new formulas, designed for various stages of the facial grooming routine (shaving, after shave, beard care and facial treatment), from Italian brand Acqua di Parma.

The shaving oil’s rich, light, easily absorbed consistency has been achieved using pomegranate oil, lemon oil and extract of basil; because it softens the shortest and toughest hairs, it’s ideal for trimming moustaches, sideburns and goatees. Formulated with pomegranate seed oil, lemon oil and extract of basil and hyaluronic acid, the soft shaving cream (for application using a brush, also part of the collection) reduces irritation and reddening. The shaving gel, meanwhile, renders the skin soft and fresh, when massaged into the skin before a quicker shave, thanks to its hydrating plant oils.

There’s also an after-shave that stokes the skin‘s natural defences into life, a beard-wash that renders those facial follicles glossy and silky, a nourishing and untangling serum and – a few bits for those who take their man-grooming very seriously – a firm but flexible styling cream, clay mask, pumice facial scrub, face cream and moisturising eye cream.

The articulated-head razor itself, meanwhile, exudes Italian craftsmanship and comes in Parma yellow or black.

Prices for the collection start at £22


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