Robb Recommends: The Officer Chandeliers

A purveyor of the finest - and the most expensive - chandeliers on the planet.

The six-tonne Bohemian crystal chandelier donated to Turkey’s Dolmabahçe Palace by Queen Victoria; the 14-metre-tall, eight-metre-wide Swarovski work in the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman; various pieces in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles; the Dale Chihuly creation at the entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum; the vast arrangement that falls to the stage during Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera … if there was
a prize for the most dazzling chandelier in existence, the competition for the top of the podium would be very fierce indeed. 

Definitely in the mix, though, are the Four Seasons and Masterpiece collections, created by Clive Christian OBE—a name often associated with interiors or luxury scents—which are available exclusively through The Officer. The breathtaking 24-arm piece before you (£2.15 million) holds 24,000 individual natural white diamonds, hand-cut and set deftly to ensure a spirited interplay between refraction and reflection within solid-gold flames atop classical Wedgwood blue Jasperware candles. The Masterpiece chandelier is heralded as the most expensive in the world.

Brand ambassador Victoria Christian with her father Clive  Shawn Ehlers

“For us, the chandelier is a crucial accompaniment to any room, adding a sense of elegance, glamour, a hint of anticipation, so that without its presence an interior would feel flat,” says brand ambassador Victoria Christian, who is
Clive Christian’s eldest daughter. “It’s jewellery for the home and complements perfectly the signature interior design style synonymous with my father.

“Getting the feel of the home environment just right—finding the perfect mix of warmth and comfort and sparkling elegance, or what we would call a ‘chandelier interior’—is something that has taken up his attentions over the course of his lifetime. Finding the right chandelier for a room is like finding the right piece of jewellery to accentuate a dress—when you get it right it is magical. As my father would say, ‘It doesn’t ask any questions.’ It all just fits, and then highlights, accentuates and quite literally illuminates everything else perfectly.”

The Four Seasons collection (£80,000), meanwhile, features carved oak leaf shaped droplets in verdant Spring green, bright Summer blue, Autumnal brown and sparkling Winter white. “As the lion is the king of beasts, the oak is the king
of trees,” says the younger Christian. “The Officer Four Seasons chandeliers use hand-carved crystal oak leaves to pay tribute to the British seasons using the finest, hardest most brilliant crystal for unsurpassed clarity and sparkle.” 

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