Grand Canyon: A Revolutionary Road Bike


Research and development is not something Canyon takes lightly. If physics allowed it, the Germany-based manufacturer of racing, mountain and triathlon bikes would probably attempt to reinvent the wheel. So when the team sat down at the table at the outset of the Ultimate CF EVO Project– with an aim to create the perfect road bike in every way – it was just another day of highly ambitious technical brain-storming. What they’ve come up with, though, is something truly extraordinary.

The model’s close relative, the Ultimate CF SLX, has been at the summit of Canyon‘s road bike engineering for around a decade, thanks to factors like its stiffness-to-weight ratio, energy-boosting compliance and watt-saving aerodynamic efficiency, and is widely regarded as one of the most complete road bikes available to those who take their two-wheeled steeds very seriously indeed. This version feels even more flighty, thanks to aframe (just 665g – the fork is 270g) composed of ultra-high modulus pitch-based fibres which make the holy triumvirate of lightness, rigidity and responsiveness­ more attainable than ever before.

The technology, Canyon says, required special access to Japanese Ministry of Defence research, not to mention some highly advanced methodology when it came to working out how to make exotic metals and composites sing in harmony. The full frameset version has H36 Aerocockpit CF handlebars and a S15 VCLS 2.0 seatpost, and comes in at £11,799.

Look out, too, for the same maker’s Urban 8.0 – a city slickers’ steed (£1749) whose smooth handle and carbon fibre belt driven system – which means no chain and cogs, next to no maintenance and no grease on your clothes – make it the ultimate commuter bike.


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