Puttin’ On The Wrist: The Armillion Adamantos

“The Platinum Card of Wearables” is set to sex up the prosaic business of contactless payments

Remember the minor but still pleasing tingle of power when first making a payment with a mere swipe of one’s bank card, when the contactless payment era first arrived? Well imagine buying your next artwork, timepiece or supercar with a nonchalant swipe of an eye-catching bracelet being dubbed “The Platinum Card of Wearables”?

Named the Adamantos – the root word of both “diamond” and “adamant” – this product (£62,880), Swiss-engineered by FinTech brand Armillion, is made from two pieces of the kind of high-tech ceramic used to make virtually scratch resistant watch bezels, each of which takes five days and up to 1500 degrees of heat to create, braced by a 18K White Gold structure on each side of which 126 diamonds (totalling 4.6ct) are set.


The Armillion Adamantos  <

The bracelet,  supported by MasterCard, not only provides bank-level encryption that allows for contactless payments of up to £1,000,000 to be made anywhere in the world, but can also unlock your sportscar or home and requires no charging whatsoever.

Only 10 units are available of what is being dubbed “The Platinum Card of Wearables”. All Armillion products can be brought via Frost of London, Armillion’s own website or by contacting Armillion directly and are available worldwide. Bespoke finishes are available.